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Setup is absolutely free! And you can begin earning high commissions in less than a few minutes. 
Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate ,we are offering a 5% commission on sales. We offer great products and service which limits our returns to almost zero...maximizing you earning potential. 
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After sign-up, you will be given simple instructions for adding Rdresses links and banners to your website which will be tracked by our affiliate software. If a purchase is made, you are notified by email and your account is credited with a commission automatically. Adding a simple line of code is all it takes. We do the rest.
Your information is kept confidential 
All of your information submitted is used for the solely for the Affiliate Program. You personal information is not shared with any third party not affiliated with 
5% commissions paid!! Average order is between $200-$5,000 which pays between $10 and $250 per sale!!. 
We are launching the program offering a 5% commission on all dresses purchases. Commissions are calculated by (sales - returns x 5%). Minimum payments are $50 and are made directly by us. Our Affiliate Tracking Software does the work for you including tracking and reporting in real time.